About Pipe Core

Pipe Core are a distributor for Australia and New Zealand for Premium CIPP Pipe Relining Equipment and Consumables from our suppliers around the world. This includes drain cleaning, inspection equipment and the latest in UV technologies.

From our warehouses and retail space in Melbourne, Australia we strive to supply and support our customers with the latest technology and products.

In addition we support our customers with specialised training courses, equipment service, repairs and hire with assistance from our experienced team.

From domestic solutions to highly specialised sectors of our industry such as UV Relining and Robotics, Pipe Core support our customers by offering a variety of equipment and relining solutions appropriate to the scale and budget of their business.

Pipe Core WaterMark

Look for the orange liner

Our Pipe Core ProLiner and SuperFlex Liner are core products when combined with our unique Luminous Orange Easy Pox Resin System from Innovative Sewer Technologies.


Both Pipe Core liners are WaterMark™ certified and tested to ensure they meet the correct Australian Standards, ensuring our customers are only installing the best quality products possible and meeting all legal requirements for their work.


Our Suppliers

Pipe Core work with leading brands from Europe and various countries around the world to develop and source the highest quality materials and equipment.

Ensuring our customers have access to the latest technology they can always rely on is a key factor for Pipe Core and working closely with our Suppliers keeps us at the forefront of our industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Our supporting networks for both sea and air freight allow us to keep the right products in stock locally and arrange multiple types of shipments to ensure our Customers have what they need to meet their project requirements on time and without delay.