Your new companion for small main sewers

The STARLIGHT UV system, featuring a UV unit, five liner and several resin variants for the rehabilitation of pipes, laterals and sewers from DN 70 to DN 400.

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  • Pipes, Laterals and sewers from DN 70 to DN 400
  • Ideal for small main sewers with critical access points
  • Extremely compact and mobile UV system for GRP lining
  • 230 V operating voltage, can be operated at any household socket
  • Van / Transporter set up (3.5–5 T)
  • Electronically monitored curing
  • Non-temperature-critical technology – no temperature-related reduction of the curing speed
  • The current system configuration is automatically detected by the controller
  • Integrated Siemens PLC
  • Remote access for maintenance and diagnostics in the standard version
  • Tamper-proof documentation/logging
  • Various reaction resin types without shrinkage*
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials – no annular gap
  • No installation of a preliner necessary*

* Exception: RayCure VE

  • 4 different light sources with changeable cable drums:
    • 60 m cable length with 1 x 175 Watt output
      (nUVision ignition technology) UV-Hg-technology
    • 60 m cable length with 1 x 300 Watt output
      nUVision ignition technology) UV-Hg-Lamps
    • 60 m cable length with 2 x 300 Watt output
      (nUVision ignition technology) UV-Hg-Lamps
    • 90 m cable length with 4 x 400 Watt output
      (with Booster) UV-Hg-Lamps

Machine Technology

  • Modular system structure, easily expandable whenever required
  • Tried and tested UV-Hg lamp technology
  • Best possible rehabilitation result thanks to optimum combination of resin and liner
  • Variable application for the most diverse requirements
  • Continuous monitoring and logging of all curing parameters
  • Can also be used in pipes with bends up to 90°
  • Installation of liners with Ø ≤ 300 mm and lengths up to 90 m possible (booster technology)
  • Sluice for light chain enables liner installation with inversion drum (without pressure drop)

* Exception: RayCure VE