Changing the game for potable pipeline renewal

SAERTEX-LINER® H2O has met the challenge for renewal of potable water pipes and, has been successfully appraised by the Water Services Association of Australia and certified to AS/NZS 4020 standards.

UV cured GRP liner technology is well-established in the trenchless rehabilitation industry, particularly for wastewater and gravity pipelines.

However, with strict regulations, few products on the market satisfy the quality standards for the renewal of potable water pipes.

Potable water supply lines must meet requirements that go far beyond the scope of gravity pipelines and meet high hygienic standards.

With these standards in mind, there’s one GRP liner making waves across Australia and New Zealand.

As water authorities tackle the uphill battle of maintaining aging drinking water pipe infrastructure, SAERTEX multiCom® has developed the SAERTEX-LINER® H2O for this challenge.

SAERTEX-LINER H2O is an innovative fibreglass-reinforced solution for potable water supply lines that is pressure-resistant and hygienic.

The GRP liner is manufactured out of the SAERTEX multiCom headquarters in Saerbeck, Germany, which itself is certified to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards.

These standards guarantee the entire manufacturing process, from production of the dry goods to impregnation and storage, takes place under the tightest technical and hygienic standards which is required for use in the potable water sector.

“Our team of Application Engineers and Project Managers provide technical support to installers, including feasibility analysis, static designs, project planning and on-site support to ensure your project’s success,”

SAERTEX multiCom has also embedded sustainability into its corporate strategy and throughout its operations.

“We are focused on protecting natural resources and developing innovative rehabilitation solutions with low environmental impacts and carbon emissions,” SAERTEX multiCom business development manager, Australia and New Zealand, Katharina Helming said.

The SAERTEX-LINER H2O has been approved in over 14 countries, including Australia, New Zealand as well as Germany, USA, Brazil, and China, and has been used in over 400 installations.

This tight-fitting, independent GRP pipe liner absorbs internal and external loads, withstands pressures of up to 33 bar, and is also classified to Class A (DIN EN ISO 11295) and to Class IV (AWWA M28), making it a versatile and structural UV-CIPP solution.

Made of styrene-free vinyl ester resin and reinforced with ECR glass fibres, SAERTEX-LINER H2O allows for the construction of a new pipe inside the old one, which is independent and structural, renewing the functionality and tightness of the network and extending its life to over 50 years.

Within Australia and New Zealand, the SAERTEX-LINER H2O Type S+XR has completed both an appraisal by the WSAA for the renovation of drinking water pipes, as well as being certified to the AS/NZS 4020 standard by the Australian Water Quality Centre (AWQC).

Showcasing its ability, the SAERTEX-LINER H2O was successfully used to rehabilitate a potable water supply line on a recent project in Brazil.


In June 2023, the 530m-long DN 873 potable water supply line requiring rehabilitation was in a heavily trafficked area in Santo Amaro, a district of southern São Paulo, Brazil.

With its short installation times, smooth surface and low wall thickness, the SAERTEX-LINER H2O was the right choice for the area and secured the drinking water supply for around 900,000 families. Visit the SAERTEX Group YouTube channel to see the product in action.

With a focus on providing customers with tailored support, SAERTEX multiCom offers customised solutions with its full range of GRP liners as well as ongoing support from product experts and engineers.

“Our team of Application Engineers and Project Managers provide technical support to installers, including feasibility analysis, static designs, project planning and on-site support to ensure your project’s success,” SAERTEX multiCom head of application engineering Alexander Kaefer said.

The SAERTEX-LINER H2O product is a proven technology that is paving the way for safe, clean, and cost-effective renewal of drinking water pipelines worldwide.

SAERTEX multiCom offers a wide range of GRP liners to the Australian and New Zealand markets, each with its own unique properties and installation advantages,” Helming said.

Supported by Pipe Core, proud distributor for SAERTEX multiCom in Australia and New Zealand, SAERTEX multiCom also provides local certified theoretical and practical training for applications in gravity and pressure pipe systems to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

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