DrainTech Solutions provides client with long-term pressure relining

DrainTech Solutions has recently taken innovative steps to increase the technical service life of over 250 m of wastewater pipe.

The DN 300 pressurised sewer line carried contaminated ground water and was showing signs of corrosion.

As specialists in innovative underground pipe remediation, DrainTech Solutions set about in the project planning stage to develop a solution that would future proof the new pipe and combat the issue of future corrosion.

To meet the tight program of the client and help coordinate the upgrade during the UV-curing stage, DrainTech Solutions was assisted by M Tucker & Sons.

To tackle the situation, DrainTech Solutions took the unique step to reline 36 individual sections of stainless-steel pipe in an offsite location. Each individual section was fitted with end seals which would allow them to be easily dismantled in the future if required.

Finding the right liner for the project was critical in their mission to prolong the technical service life of the pipe.

DrainTech Solutions turned to SAERTEX-LINER® MULTI S+XR, a product familiar to them and proven thousands of times over, in use worldwide with municipal wastewater and industrial sewers.

“I am a big fan of this liner,” said Mathew Mather of DrainTech Solutions.

“It is extremely robust, allowing for higher pulling force without the risk of overstretching.  It is also relatively light weight making it easy to handle on site,” said Mather.

SAERTEX-LINER MULTI S+XR allowing for higher pulling force without the risk of over-stretching. SAERTEX-LINER MULTI S+XR, available through Pipe Core, is an efficient, cost-effective GRP pipe liner with a technical service life of at least 50 years.

This product also has a lower wall thickness than other similar liners on the market which helps shorten installation and curing times.

As a fully structural liner, this was a great solution for the team wanting to anticipate the network systems future requirements, as it would remain intact regardless of whether the stainless-steel pipe around it became compromised over time.

The job was completed efficiently over a period of two weeks with ongoing support from an Application Engineer from SAERTEX multiCom® who was positioned in NSW specifically for the project.

The method taken gave the client confidence in the future of the network’s performance and will go a long way in helping to improve water security and service reliability for the area.

“This approach could be used in other situations where corrosion is evident. Investing in this infrastructure will pay off and will extend the lifespan of the pipe for over a century,” said Mather.

“This way of thinking is critical to advance change in this industry and goes a long way to highlighting the benefits of UV technology,” he said.

Pipe Core are proud to be the sole distributor for SAERTEX multiCom, and a range of UV curing equipment, in Australia and New Zealand.

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