NZ Lining tackles upgrade with SAERTEX-LINER® MULTI

Maintaining effective pipe networks for the disposal of wastewater is crucial in any city.

This is especially important in areas where the rate of population growth is rising exponentially and placing pressure on existing infrastructure.

Growth of this kind has been identified in Tauranga, a harbourside city in the North Island, New Zealand, where the concrete wastewater outfall pipeline is beginning to show signs of poor condition and can no longer physically withstand the pressure required to deliver the consented maximum rate of wastewater.

Tauranga’s wastewater outfall system is a critical component of the public wastewater network and is responsible for discharging all of Tauranga’s wastewater.

It was determined that a fast and efficient upgrade was essential before the deteriorating pipe segments failed.

NZ Lining is currently engaged on this project and is responsible for relining approximately 450 m of an existing DN 600 sea outfall pipeline with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP).

As the sub-contractor, NZ Lining won the tender ahead of some of the other major players in the trenchless rehabilitation industry in New Zealand. Their breadth of knowledge in the relining space is vast, with a team of staff who have over 25 years of CIPP lining experience between them. The NZ Lining team were also heavily involved in the rehabilitation of damaged pipeline networks for the past 5 years.

To address the growth in demand and limitations imposed by the condition of the outfall pipeline, NZ Lining turned to SAERTEX-LINER® MULTI, a liner they have selected many times over for its reliability and usability on site.  It was also the client’s preferred product for the job.

SAERTEX-LINER MULTI is a solution from SAERTEX multiCom® GmbH, for the trenchless rehabilitation of municipal wastewater pipes and pressure lines, which has a worldwide proven record of over 99,000 installations.

Raad Al-Karbouli, director and general manager of NZ lining, said “SAERTEX’s ready-to-install liners are complemented by a unique level of service from SAERTEX who work closely with their local Australasian supplier, Pipe Core throughout the planning and installation stages.”

Through this detailed planning stage, NZ Lining shared the CCTV footage with SAERTEX’s application engineer, to help determine design type S+ as the appropriate liner for the project, for its optimal mechanical parameters and suitability for repair of pipelines up to DN 1600.

With a clear approach for the scope of the work, NZ Lining tackled the upgrade to the landward section in two parts, with the first portion undertaken in September 2022.

Raad Al-Karbouli explained: “After removing 2 air valves from the pipe before commencing the reline, we made swift progress, completing the reline in 2 days with a team of 8, with minimal disruption to the rest homes adjacent to the site of the Iwi tribe, the traditional owners of the surrounding land.”

The client had also requested another crew to be on standby should the curing take longer than expected, but the extra team was never required.

The result was a strong fully structural new pipe, far exceeding the strength of the original, and promising strength for years to come.

“When looking to new technology, we must also ensure we select the most capable product to help us deliver the project”, Al-Karbouli commented. “Selecting SAERTEX-LINER MULTI has proven again to be the most efficient, flexible and sustainable choice on the market.”

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