Pipe Core leads Cosmic UV vehicle fit out for Veolia Australia

Veolia has added another innovative trenchless solution to its list of services with the addition of a turnkey rehabilitation truck dedicated to UV relining solutions from Cosmic Engineering GmbH.

Cosmic Engineering specialises in sewer rehabilitation equipment and materials. Based in Austria the specialised team has been innovating and perfecting the Cosmic System since the early 90’s and has developed a robot capable of tracking, inspecting, electric milling, cleaning, and repairing sewer pipes and laterals.

Using a patented GRP glass fibre which is non-shrinking and fast curing, Cosmic has developed a TopHat ‘Lateral Connection Seal’ that has seen over 150,000 successful installations worldwide and a ‘Quickseal’ system for short liner repairs.

Both systems use UV light to cure and are ideal for quick, efficient and safe rehabilitation.

Seeing the gap in the market for UV TopHat and patching solutions, aided by Cosmic’s local distributor Pipe Core, Veolia celebrated the completion of their first truck in July 2023 after receiving Certified Cosmic training in Australia.

“This vehicle will improve the efficiency of our operation,”

Cosmic, Pipe Core and Veolia worked together to conceptualise the design of the van which was fitted out by Industrial Equipment Solutions.

In line with Veolia’s purpose of Ecological Transformation to deliver innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, the truck was set up with two 160w solar panels to help top-up the internal onboard lithium batteries and reduce carbon emissions and energy-efficient LED working lights.

The van also included an under-mount 55L water tank for wash down, complete custom office fit out and custom interior to meet working requirements, particularly when UV light exposure needs to be kept to a minimum.

Impressively the van also includes a 100kg winch to safely lift and lower the cosmic equipment safely into various worksite locations.

“We are excited to see how this setup will bring the best technology to the industry in a transportable way. The van’s unique range of features suits different job sites and projects, especially in urban areas where noise needs to be minimised.”

“This vehicle will improve the efficiency of our operation,” David Micallef, Operations Manager Veolia said. “This will also put us in a unique position in the market.”

The fit out of this van meets the working requirements of the equipment across various environments and considers the needs of the operator both ergonomically and from a safety perspective, harnessing the full potential of the Cosmic System.

With a Veolia crew now fully trained, this trailblazing set-up will see Veolia with even more opportunities to work on unique projects to find solutions to various trenchless challenges.

Want to get the most out of your UV equipment? Contact Pipe Core to discover more about what is in stock and what services are provided locally in Australia and New Zealand.

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