Pipe Core provides training opportunities with SAERTEX multiCom® GmbH for gravity and pressure pipe systems 

Learn from an industry-leading manufacturer of UV-cured fibreglass-reinforced pipe liners with theoretical and practical training in the rehabilitation of gravity and pressure pipe systems, thanks to SAERTEX multiCom’s advanced Certified Installer Training, offered exclusively through Pipe Core for Australia and New Zealand.

With trenchless technologies ever-increasing focus on UV solutions, Pipe Core is taking the lead with global player SAERTEX multiCom by offering theoretical and practical training to its customers for gravity and pressure applications.

The comprehensive training for installers can be conducted at Pipe Core’s headquarters in Port Melbourne, or any agreed location, by experienced trainers from SAERTEX multiCom who takes attendees through the SAERTEX-LINER® product portfolio, areas of application and the installation techniques and practices that combine with the unique structure that makes up their liners.

Josh Challis, Rangedale Rehabilitation and Renewals operations manager has recently attended one of the training sessions.

“I participated in SAERTEX multiCom’s advanced Certified Installer Training at Pipe Core in April this year,” he said.

“My colleagues and I were really impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by the SAERTEX multiCom Trainer as well as the process and overall support offered by Pipe Core staff.  This level of support is quite unique in this industry.”

For him, the training was a great opportunity to expand their knowledge of pressure relining and the full range of SAERTEX-LINERS, including SAERTEX-LINER H20 for the rehabilitation of potable water pipes.

“This opportunity to upskill will serve us well in the future and will open-up opportunities for Rangedale to tender on a range of different projects in the future.”

Installers can choose to complete the training for both gravity and pressure applications or focus on the area of application most relevant to their business.

“We highly recommend the training from SAERTEX multiCom to ensure you and your team get the best outcomes on your projects,” said Pipe Core manager Sergei Fast.

Installers also receive extensive information and practical tips around planning and site preparation, the installation process, curing and quality assurance measures.

“Learning from the experts with good practice techniques and in-depth interactive practical and theoretical training is key to successful trenchless installations,” said Fast.

“Whether you are new to UV relining, seeking to refresh your skills, or looking to expand your knowledge of the latest technologies and techniques, training will shed light on the best and latest UV relining methodologies.”

With a level of support unique to the industry, SAERTEX multiCom also partners with its customers throughout the installation process with a highly experienced SAERTEX multiCom application engineer who is available from initial planning and bidding to on-site support and project completion.

As a result, the high-performance liners have been successfully installed on more than 100,000 projects worldwide, offering a technical service life of up to 100 years.

Pipe Core has developed further localised online resources for certified installers, for quick access to manuals, technical data, and videos.  They can also access case study references, CO2 calculations on previous projects and presentations that may be helpful in future tendering processes.

Matt Simmons, technical training manager at Interflow benefited from the training himself.

“The information and guidance in these sessions has certainly broadened our understanding of SAERTEX multiCom’s product range and the practical guidance demonstrated by the SAERTEX multiCom Application Engineer has improved our cured in-place pipe (CIPP) knowledge base, which will be helpful on future projects,” he said.

“We look forward to continuing our relationship and I am sure we will be taking on the offer of further support to enhance our capacity with future CIPP projects.”

Completion of the training will offer customers many rehabilitation opportunities. For example, SAERTEX multiCom’s German manufactured wastewater liner, SAERTEX-LINER® MULTI, was installed on a project in North Carolina.

This project in particular highlights how versatile SAERTEX-LINER® MULTI is and how effective it can be as a trenchless rehabilitation solution.

For this specific project, the team didn’t let six active lanes of traffic stop them from rehabilitating a stormwater culvert.

The stormwater culvert ran below the ‘I-40’, North Carolina’s longest interstate highway.  The installation starting point was in the median between the eastbound on ramp and I-40.

The 400 feet of impregnated SAERTEX-LINER® MULTI was unloaded from the delivery truck, assisted by a SAERTEX multiCom Application Engineer who was on site for the duration of the project.

The crew worked together to pull the glide foil and liner through the culvert and then inserted the packer into the liner.

Testing was undertaken to ensure the light train was working efficiently before the liner was inflated and the light train was pulled through the pipe.

Thanks to the technology on site, this ambitious program of works including the entire curing process was videotaped and monitored in real time and the pipe returned to service in a matter of hours.

The result was a brand-new pipe with an expected technical service life of 100 years.

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