Presenting at No-Dig Down Under 2023 – Successful Rehabilitation of Potable Water Pipes with SAERTEX-LINER® H2O



Katharina Helming
Business Development Manager
SAERTEX multiCom GmbH


Katharina Helming is responsible for the Business Development of SAERTEX-LINER® for the trenchless rehabilitation of gravity and pressure pipes at SAERTEX multiCom® GmbH. Based in Melbourne, Katharina supports water authorities and installing companies in Australia and New Zealand by providing support, technical information, and project assessments. For the last 5 years Katharina has been predominately focussed on the growth of SAERTEX-LINER® H2O for the trenchless rehabilitation of old potable water lines and has honed her knowledge in this space.

Before working for SAERTEX multiCom GmbH Katharina finished her master’s degree in business and economics at the University of Osnabrück, Germany.


Aging potable water pipe infrastructure is a constant maintenance challenge for water authorities worldwide. Access to drinking water from a tap is taken for granted in developed countries despite supply being a tough and sensitive task.

Supply became an issue in the city centre of São Paulo, Brazil during the global pandemic when a massive leak was identified in a key potable water network, built in the late 1930s. With strict hygiene regulations and access issues to consider, the local water authority and installing company worked with SAERTEX multiCom to install SAERTEX-LINER® H2O, a fiberglass reinforced pipe liner solution for the trenchless rehabilitation of potable water pipes, which has worldwide approvals, including Australia and New Zealand with AS/NZS 4020:2018.

In one of the busiest areas in town, 1.3km of SAERTEX-LINER® H2O in various DN’s (DN 450 – DN 500) was successfully installed despite various challenges due to the global pandemic affecting shipping and installation times. In the face of the hurdles, once the liners arrived in Brazil, the whole project, encompassing 14 sections of pipe was remarkably completed in four months thanks to the collaboration of the project team. The result was a new fully structural, hygienically approved pipe network that runs operating pressures between 4.5 and 9.5 bars.

This reference serves as an example of the benefits of effective planning, trenchless rehabilitation, and the advantages of SAERTEX-LINER® H2O, which is paving the way for safe and clean trenchless rehabilitation of drinking water pipelines.