Rangedale Successfully Rehabilitates Manholes Using Vertiliner System

Rangedale has successfully completed the colossal task of rehabilitating 14 fully deteriorated sewer manholes on behalf of Programmed Facility Management and the Principal, Greater Western Water.

Driven by the challenge, Rangedale turned once again to Vertiliner – a proven UV-cured structural (cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner manufactured in Germany to the exact size and shape of each manhole.

Rangedale were able to install a staggering 14 manhole liners with minimised risk from surface level, and then carry out the reinstatement works such as new ladders and dropper installs, safely from inside the cured relined manhole.

Rangedale’s professional and skilled approach once again proves the Vertiliner system is an economical alternative to excavation and manhole renovation.

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