SAERTEX-LINER® MULTI Saves 1 million kg of CO2 Emissions

SAERTEX multiCom® GmbH are firmly committed to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of their MULTI S+ Liners by using unsaturated polyester resins (UP), aiming to make trenchless pipeline rehabilitation more sustainable

Together with their strategic partner Scott Bader, SAERTEX multiCom are able to utilise a more climate-friendly manufacturing process for their resin systems.

Impressively, since implementing this change, savings of one million kilograms of CO2 within a single year have become possible.  This corresponds to the CO2 footprint of 2,717 flights from Frankfurt-am-Main to New York.

“The new SAERTEX-LINER UPgreen technology has enabled us to reach our target and, together with our customers, we have taken another step towards greater sustainability,” says SAERTEX multiCom Director Sales Europe, Africa and Southern Africa, Stephan Raab.

The environmentally-friendly conversion to the UP resin system does not affect the products’ technical characteristics and corresponds with all product approvals that exist around the globe.

“We focused from the very beginning on combining eco-friendly technology with consistent product quality. The positive feedback from our customers and increasingly sustainable orientation of our entire sector encourage and motivate us to take further steps,” says Kai Diecks, Global Managing Director at SAERTEX multiCom.

Motivated by these results, customers are returning time and time again to use SAERTEX multiCom products as a sustainable rehabilitation option for supply and wastewater pipes, with huge growth seen in recent years via Pipe Core, SAERTEX multiCom’s distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

Photo Credit: SAERTEX multiCom® Gmbh

SAERTEX-LINER MULTI has gained huge traction as it offers maximum efficiency with such impressive material characteristics for the trenchless rehabilitation of municipal wastewater pipes and pressure lines and has a worldwide proven record of over 100,000 installations.

Pipe Core customer, Raad Al-Karbouli, Director and General Manager of NZ Lining chooses SAERTEX-LINER MULTI when he tackles the rehabiliaton of wastewater and stormwater pipes as “it is the most efficient, flexible and sustainable choice on the market.”

On one project in 2022, over 5 tons of CO2 emissions were saved.

Photo Credit: SAERTEX multiCom® Gmbh

Furthermore, Neil Kermeen, Managing Director, Rangedale Group also favours the products for his jobs rehabilitating critically damaged underground infrastructure in Australia.

“With a business model focused on no-dig methods of rehabilitation, we were pleased to see the positive steps SAERTEX multiCom has taken with the support of Pipe Core to reduce their carbon footprint”.

On a recent project between September 2022 and April 2023, SAERTEX-LINER achieved a reduction of 7 tons of CO2 for Rangedale Rehabilitation & Renewals.

Initial measures to determine the CO2 footprint and introduce an environmental management system for certification to the international DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management standard have already been implemented.

“We are consequently working on a comprehensive sustainability strategy for achieving the structured implementation of sustainable corporate development. This will help us make our products and processes more environmentally friendly, while at the same time supporting our customers during tender processes,” explains Kai Diecks.

According to Sergej Fast, Manager, Pipe Core welcomed the outstanding results of this key innovation pertaining to sustainability in the pipeline industry and are pleased to report a massive saving of over 34 tons of CO2 emissions during the production of SAERTEX-LINERs in 2022.

“Rehabilitation using trenchless technology is already in itself more sustainable than open-cut construction, producing less odor, noise and dirt,” says Fast, “however SAERTEX multiCom’s climate-friendly manufacturing process for their UP-resin system is a further step towards reducing carbon emissions.”

Photo Credit: SAERTEX multiCom® Gmbh

“We are pleased to see sustainability embedded into SAERTEX multiCom’s corporate strategy, with a particular focus on protecting natural resources and developing innovative rehabiliation solutions with low environmental impacts”.

Katharina Helming, Business Development Manager, SAERTEX multiCom states, “with so many Australian and New Zealand Pipe Core customers now engaged in trenchless rehabilitation projects using SAERTEX-LINERs, we are excited to be working towards further CO2 savings and being transparent about the positive role customers are playing to reduce carbon emissions.”