Spotlight on I.S.T. Power CUTTER 200 Chisel Extension

Unlocking the potential of the I.S.T. Power CUTTER 200! 

Innovative Sewer Technologies GmbH (I.S.T.) Power CUTTER 200 is a versatile multi-functional milling robot used for milling, repairs & rehabilitation, CCTV inspection, cleaning and more.  

The unit’s full colour swivelling zoom camera, ability to visualise the position of the arm and impressive WinCan plotting software that tracks laterals and junctions to reopen them, are just some of the functions that position this robotic cutter way ahead of its time.

The unit’s true potential is unlocked with the range of attachments available which includes the chisel extension.  This tool is the perfect solution for tough situations, breaking up blockages such as concrete with ease.

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