Vertiliner® XR – Innovative vertical liner installed for the first time

Vertiliner® XR, a new maintenance hole rehabilitation solution developed for deeper installs and higher static demands has been installed for the first time.

In August this year, Vertiliner supplied the liner to a joint venture of contractor Rohrsanierung Jensen and static calculator LGA Bautechnik GmbH – for a rehabilitation which took place in Lübeck, Germany.

Like the original Vertiliner, the XR is custom made off-site using the measurements of the shaft and accommodates the various changes in cross-sections present within the asset.

It’s the only product on the market with additional integrated glass layers or ribs built into the liner to meet the static requirements of the site, providing extra strength at weaker points throughout the length of the shaft. 

The 6m shaft in need of rehabilitation was located under Travemünder Allee, one of the busiest roads in the city centre.

The top of the brick maintenance manhole had become unstable from the pressure coming from the road above, while the large egg-shaped brick sewer below, that was carrying heavy flow out of the city, was starting to deteriorate, and would have required a huge amount of overpumping if digging had been required.

To get a complete picture of the shaft and sewer, the manufacturer worked with the contractor and LGA Bautechnik GmbH to collect static calculations and confirm the required thickness of the liner.

Steps were taken during the construction of the Vertiliner XR to make it reactive to temperature and UV-light, as the light alone wouldn’t have been effective enough to penetrate the multiple layers of the liner in the rib sections on this job.

Once in position and inflated, the light source was activated while the team closely monitored the installation process remotely.

The rehabilitation was carried out over two days and only required one lane of traffic and inlets from the shaft to be closed for a short period of time.

The project resulted in a 23 mm shaft wall where the extra ribbing was required, a far greater thickness than any other lining system on the market.

Following the rehabilitation, Vertiliner completed independent laboratory testing on a sample piece of cured liner which showed 0.29 percent rest styrene of the outer layer of the liner, around 7 times less than the local authority’s target of 2 percent.

This was achieved on a 23 mm thick sample, approximately double the thickness of other UV GRP liners.

Vertiliner and LGA Bautechnik have made regular visits to inspect the installation site to monitor for any movement or changes to the structure with no known issues identified.   

These latest developments illustrate Vertiliner’s capacity to meet the needs of the industry, positioning the manufacturer as one of the leaders of vertical rehabilitation.

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