WATCH: Overnight with SAERTEX-LINER H20 in São Paulo

Available through Pipe Core, high-quality liner SAERTEX-LINER H20 performed under pressure in São Paulo, Brazil.

Maintaining aging potable water pipe infrastructure is a constant challenge for water authorities worldwide.

Access to fresh, clean drinking water from the twist of a tap is taken for granted in developed countries despite the tough and sensitive approvals that must be met.

Recently, over 500m of DN 873 drinking water pipeline was rehabilitated in São Paulo, Brazil using the UV-CIPP process.

The pipe made of a high-density polyethylene, was out of service due to leaks and was interrupting the supply of fresh drinking water to the busy southern part of São Paulo populated with people and commercial activity.

The complex job called for high-end technology, that would ensure short execution times and minimal intervention on the surface.

Enter SAERTEX multiCom’s trenchless solutions.

The potable water liner made of styrene-free vinyl ester resin and reinforced with ECR glass fibres, was supplied by SAERTEX multiCom® from its headquarters in Saerbeck, Germany, which is certified to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards.

SAERTEX-LINER® H2O allows the construction of a new pipe inside the old one which is 100 per cent independent and structural, renewing the functionality and tightness of the network and extending its life to over 50 years.

Thanks to the impressive technology, this method of renewal minimised the impact on the environment, traffic, the community and local businesses.

This was also the second time the local water authority had selected SAERTEX-LINER® H2O, demonstrating its confidence in the product.

The technical support from SAERTEX multiCom was critical in helping the municipality and contractor to realise the project successfully and in June 2023, the drinking water supply was secured for around 900,000 families in Santo Amaro.

Within Australia and New Zealand, the SAERTEX-LINER H2O Type S+XR has completed both an appraisal by the WSAA for the renovation of drinking water pipes, as well as being certified to the AS/NZS 4020 standard by the Australian Water Quality Centre (AWQC).

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