Calibration hose made of double-layer OPW fabric is a world first. It is heat-resistant up to 150°C and can be removed in less than 60 minutes. Furthermore, the AIRBAGLINER® is high pressure resistant, exceptionally bendable and can be reused up to 6 times. Sewer renovation has never been this efficient, sustainable and profitable.

Available from DN 50 to DN 1000


Ultra thin & flexible

The AIRBAGLINER® is very thin and therefore extremely bendable. Even in the smallest nominal sizes ranging from DN 50 to DN 500.

Steam temperature resistant

The AIRBAGLINER® tolerates high thermal loads of up to 150°C.

No risk of tearing

The robust material of the AIRBAGLINER® will not tear further when punctured by a shard for instance.

Resistant to air pressures of up to 1.5 bar

High tolerances in terms of both pressure and temperature.

Extremely fast curing of liners possible

Due to the high steam temperature resistance of the AIRBAGLINER®, you can cure hose liners faster.

Reusable up to 6 times

You can reuse your AIRBAGLINER® up to six times. Sustainability at its best.