Picote Mini Smart Sweeper

An extremely versatile tool for a variety of tough drain cleaning scenarios including tuberculation, roots, calcite, and mineral & uranic scale in cast iron, concrete, clay, and PVC pipes.

The ability to attach a front drill head further broadens the capabilities and makes it a formidable tool for clearing blockages. The legs are designed to remove the remainder of the blockage.

The self-centralizing design adapts to the pipe size and allows the tool to pass through 90° bends, diameter transitions, and P-traps. It can also be used in damaged pipes where the bottom is missing provided the missing section is no larger in size than the Sweeper body.

Uses and benefits

  • The Mini Smart Sweeper is compact and self-adjusting to tackle P-traps and challenging bends.
  • Rebuildable by swapping out the hardened steel legs.
  • Easily goes through 90° bends.
  • Removes hard tuberculate and grease in small pipes, including bathroom and kitchen lines.
  • The smaller the pipes the more difficult it becomes to access them. However, the Mini Smart Sweeper is right at home in tight spaces — even in DN50 pipes.

Larger Sweepers are available for bigger pipes, powered by the Maxi Power+ Miller. Please see Power+ section for details.

Watch the Picote mini smart sweeper in action:

Picote Mini Smart Sweeper Technical Specifications
Pipe Sizes
for 8mm shaft
DN50 - DN75
Pipe Sizes
for 12mm shaft
Recommended Operation SpeedMini Miller: 3-5
Mini Cleaner: 2-4
Super Midi & Maxi Miller: 100%
Pipe MaterialsCast, Concrete, Clay, & PVC