Leave no stone unturned with the Twister Concrete Remover. Use with or without steering axle depending on the concrete blockage

Twister Concrete Remover

The Twister Concrete Remover features two front bushes, a heavy duty 3mm front metal panel with large carbides and a specialised front drill head with star carbides used for efficient concrete removal.

Dual brushes provide added stability. Heavy duty front panel with larger carbides brings added power to the process.

Picote Twister Concrete Remover

Removes concrete, grout, slurry and large rocks. May be used to grind offsets in clay and concrete pipe which provides for a superior finish after lining.

DN100 & DN150 for Maxi Miller and DN150, 200 & 225 for Maxi Power+.

All available with or without steering axle.

Picote Twister Concrete Remover with Steering Axle

Watch the Concrete Remover in action:

Powering through with the Maxi Power+

Tough jobs need even tougher tools. The Concrete Remover for the Maxi Power+ is available for DN 150 & 200 pipes.

Simply attach direct to the strong 18mm shaft.

Picote Twister Concrete Remover for the Maxi Power+
Picote Twister Concrete Remover Technical Specifications
Pipe SizeDN100 & DN150
Shaft Size12mm
OptionsSteering Axle
MillersMaxi Miller

Concrete Remover 3mm Front Panel

Concrete Remover Front Drill Head

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