The Twister Metal Grinder quickly and efficiently grinds away most metal including rebar, steel rods, nails, screws, and lead joints in DN100 pipes.

The centering brushes provide added stability and make it safe to use in PVC, PE, cast iron, concrete and clay pipes.

The Carborundum stone cutting head gives outstanding finish when followed with Smart Cutter™ to grind away sharp edges left behind.

Uses and Benefits

  • Replaceable stone cutting head.
  • Available for DN100 pipes.
  • The Twister body keeps the tooling centered inside the pipe and helps to protect pipes from damage.
  • Safe for PVC, PE, Cast Iron, Concrete, and Clay pipes.
  • In PVC / Plastic Pipes extra time and care should be taken as localized melting can occur from heat build-up in the metal obstruction.
Picote Twister Metal Grinder Technical Specifications
Pipe SizeDN100
Shaft Size12mm
MillersMidi, Super Midi or Maxi Miller

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