The TrapJumper™ is Scanprobe’s lightweight push-rod camera solution, designed to provide both flexibility to navigate tight trap-bends whilst being strong enough to be pushed the distance in abrasive pipes. With an ultra-flexible spring-bound camera head and a tough but flexible push-rod, the TrapJumper™ flies around tight bends and beyond with ease.

built in reporting software
& mobile app connectivity

Key Features:

  • 40m of hard-wearing push-rod
  • Weighs less than 12kg
  • IP54 rated control box, IP68 rated camera reel
  • 10.4” sunlight readable screen
  • 9+ hours battery life
  • 32GB internal storage
  • Sonde built-in to the self-levelling camera head
  • mina Survey reporting software
  • Multiple charging options (12v, 110v, 240v)
  • Wi-Fi enabled

What Can You Do with a TrapJumper™?

  • Inspect up to 40m of pipeline from 50mm up to 150mm diameter
  • Take screenshots
  • Control the lights and sonde remotely
  • Store up to 32hrs worth of video on the control box
  • Connect wirelessly to your mobile phone or tablet
  • Create full survey reports on site
  • Save your entire project (inc. video) to USB or transfer via WiFi*
  • Investigate pipelines, boreholes, chimneys & other cavities