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ManUp Key

The ManUp Key is a slider hammer action tool that saves you EFFORT and MONEY when it comes to releasing access covers.

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GRP liner wastewater

proven GRP liners for municipal and industrial sewers.


Proven thousands of times in use with municipal wastewater. Now significantly CO2-optimized with the SAERTEX-LINER UPgreen.

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This styrene-free product is ideal for the trenchless rehabilitation of wastewater and stormwater pipes in high-traffic public spaces.

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The combination of vinyl ester (VE) and ECR fiberglass gives it high media and temperature resistance.

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I.S.T. Power Light UV system

The system for curing polyester resin-impregnated hose liners

The multi-functional system with perfectly matched modules for curing UV light reactive, polyester resin impregnated hose liners. Numerous configuration options offer adaptability to virtually all tasks for pipe dimensions from DN 150 to DN 2000 for circular and egg-shaped profiles.

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The TrapJumper™ is Scanprobe’s lightweight push-rod camera solution, designed to provide both flexibility to navigate tight trap-bends whilst being strong enough to be pushed the distance in abrasive pipes. With an ultra-flexible spring-bound camera head and a tough but flexible push-rod, the TrapJumper™ flies around tight bends and beyond with ease.

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I.S.T. Power CUTTER 200

The versatile milling robot that is way ahead of its time.

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The Vertiliner® system is an innovative trenchless method for rehabilitating dilapidated wastewater manholes. Vertiliner® is used to line vertical manhole structures to seal them, improve their stability and protect the surface.

At the heart of this standalone system is a seamless tube that extends from the raised gully to the roadway surface.

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GRP liner supply

Award-winning SAERTEX-LINERS for trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipelines.


Our solution for potable water supply lines. Pressure-resistant and hygienic, approved in over 12 countries.

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The WRc-certified solution for the trenchless rehabilitation of gas supply lines. Pressure-resistant, fully structural and CO2-optimized.

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I.S.T. Spot Repair System

Reactive resins and glass complexes for short liners

Easy PUR / Easy PUR plus are available as two- or three-component silicate resin systems and have been specifically designed for short liner applications on damp pipe surfaces. The outstanding impregnation behavior and the excellent bonding with the old pipe distinguish these elastified silicate resins in addition to their excellent resistance to various media after curing..

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