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Visionary Lining Solutions

SAERTEX multiCom is the industry-leading manufacturer of UV-cured fiberglass-reinforced pipe liner in the world. Because we are a solution provider for the trenchless rehabilitation of wastewater and supply pipes, we partner with our customers throughout the installation process – from initial planning and bidding to on-site support and project completion. As a result, our high-performance liners have been successfully installed on thousands of projects.

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GRP liner wastewater

proven GRP liners for municipal and industrial sewers.


Proven thousands of times in use with municipal wastewater. Now significantly CO2-optimized with the SAERTEX-LINER UPgreen.

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This styrene-free product is ideal for the trenchless rehabilitation of wastewater and stormwater pipes in high-traffic public spaces.

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The combination of vinyl ester (VE) and ECR fiberglass gives it high media and temperature resistance.

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GRP liner supply

Our award-winning SAERTEX-LINERS for trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipelines up to 40 bar operating pressure.


Our solution for potable water supply lines. Pressure-resistant and hygienic, approved in over 12 countries.

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The WRc-certified solution for the trenchless rehabilitation of gas supply lines. Pressure-resistant, fully structural and CO2-optimized.

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New SAERTEX-PACKERS with quick-release fasteners.

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Certified Installers

The following companies have conducted certified theoretical and practical training according to installation manual SAERTEX-LINER® for applications in gravity and pressure pipe systems.

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