New SAERTEX-PACKERS with quick-release fasteners

The new SAERTEX PACKERS with quick-release fasteners can be used universally with all UV-curing GRP hose liners and all conventional UV systems. Suitable for all gravity and pressure applications and available in two profiles:

  • Circular Profile
  • Egg-shaped (Ovoid) Profile

The Advantages


The new SAERTEX packer has a multi-part lid with quick-release fasteners on the inside. This guarantees quick assembly & disassembly on the construction site.


With the packer 10 to 20 kg lighter, handling is also more comfortable.


The self-sealing lid provides even better installation results. Pressure is easier to build up & keep consistent.


With dimensions DN 150 – 1800, the new SAERTEX packer is also available in special large profiles. The packer is available as a circular and egg-shaped profile.

Available Dimensions

PACKER SET - CIRCULAR PROFILEDiameter Faceplate (mm)Diameter Packer (mm)Width Packer (mm)Weight (kg)Divisible
DN 1501051253203.6no
DN 2001361603205.6no
DN 30023626032010.8no
DN 40031634034012no
DN 500-60038042532015.5no
DN 600-80049053032020yes
DN 800-100058065035033yes
DN 1000-120058085038045yes
DN 1100-1400580100038063yes
DN 1400-1800840125038082yes
UV PACKER - EGG-SHAPED*Diameter Faceplate (mm)Diameter Packer (mm)Width Packer (mm)Weight (kg)Divisible
DN 400 x 600400 x 250450 x 30035018no
DN 500 x 750550 x 350600 x 40032021no
DN 600 x 900580 x 420750 x 50035030yes
DN 700 x 1050600 x 500900 x 60038051yes
DN 800 x 1200700 x 5401150 x 80038051yes
DN 900 x 1350700 x 5401150 x 80038058yes
DN 1000 x 1500800 x 6001250 x 85038067yes
DN 1200 x 1800900 x 6001500 x 100038087yes

*Cable nozzle: for standard curing cables (D = 22 mm), rope nozzle: for (black) rope (D = 7 mm)

The advantages at a glance