The Vertiliner® system is an innovative trenchless method for rehabilitating dilapidated wastewater manholes. Vertiliner® is used to line vertical manhole structures to seal them, improve their stability and protect the surface.

At the heart of this standalone system is a seamless tube that extends from the raised gully to the roadway surface.

The changes in cross-section already present inside the manhole are incorporated in the factory, enabling Vertiliner® to be supplied to the construction site ready to install – a professional, modern and cost-effective solution based on lining, not coating.

Vertiliner® manhole liner method

The Vertiliner® manhole liner method is used to line vertical manhole structures, usually wastewater manholes, which can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Angular, oval and walled manholes with major changes in cross-section are no problem thanks to this patented technique. If manholes are heavily damaged – fractured, cracked, misshapen or with missing wall parts or even mounts that are at risk of collapsing – Vertiliner® is a much more economical alternative to excavation and manhole renovation.

Results of the innovative patented Vertiliner® method:

  • Outstanding sealing performance and very good surface protection
  • Improved (structural) stability

In fact, the list of benefits is a long one.

Available dimensions

  • Standard lengths: up to max. 11 m
  • Customised lengths: on request
  • Diameter: 0.8 m to max. 2 m
  • Component size all round: max. 6.3 m (non-circular cross-sectional shapes)
  • Section thicknesses: 6.3 mm to approx. 20.3 mm (corresponding to around 9 – 29 individual layers)

Application and rehabilitation time

On average, it takes around 3 hours to rehabilitate a DN 1000 concrete manhole with a depth of 3.5 m, including fitting ladders or climbing rungs. There is no need for special measures to maintain drainage capability or water hold-back in the main channel. Only the inflows in the manhole wall have to be shut off for a brief period of time.

The work steps in detail

Once the heights and diameter have been measured manually (using a folding rule or laser distance meter), the liner can be ordered. It is then installed at the construction site in 18 simple steps.


For its liner material, Vertiliner® uses high-quality ECR glass-fibre rovings impregnated with a light-cured synthetic resin. This will either be an unsaturated polyester resin (type 1140 group 3 in accordance with DIN 18820 Part 1) or a vinyl ester resin (type 1310 group 5 in accordance with DIN 18820 Part 1).

A single glass-fibre roving is a mere 0.7 mm thick. Multiple layers of these rovings – depending on the structural conditions, 7 mm for standard manholes – are wound one on top of another and laid in the manhole liner. The Vertiliner® is wrapped in a UV-resistant and water-repellent sealing foil from the outside, while the inside of the product is equipped with a light-permeable composite foil that is peeled off after installation.

Structure and design

Vertiliner® is a seamless single-piece tube that extends from the top of the raised gully to the roadway surface. The changes in cross-section present inside the manhole are always worked into the tube and the inliner is supplied to the construction site ready to install.

The annular gap of around 0.10% of the liner radius is sealed using an EPDM rubber gasket or injection hose. The sealing gasket is positioned about 10 cm from the bottom end of the liner.

Benefits of the Vertiliner® system

Using the Vertiliner® innovative manhole lining system will bring you numerous benefits:

  • Trenchless manhole rehabilitation – no excavation or raising of the cone required
  • No water holdback necessary
  • Unaffected by weather – renovation can be carried out all year round
  • Independent of subsoil – little effort and expense required for preparation
  • Completed fast – an installation time of around 3 hours means the manhole is only out of action for a very short time and roads do not need to stay closed for long periods
  • Suitable for hard-to-access terrain
  • High structural stability – provides structural support to the existing structure, making it ideal for use in locations that experience exceptional loads such as airports
  • Resistant to pressurised water
  • Resistant to chemicals – an advantage on industrial sites, for example
  • Flexibility and accurate fit – matches the geometry of the existing structure
  • Durable – expected lifespan of around 50 years
  • Verifiable quality – thanks to a simple sampling process that does not damage the renovated structure
  • Economical – much cheaper than excavation or manhole renovation

… and the highest quality standards are met too:

  • Preassembling the product in the factory ensures consistent manufacturing conditions.
  • A high, consistent standard is guaranteed by continuous quality tests of raw products. Ultimately, this means that the outcome of renovation work can be predicted in advance, providing assurance at the planning stage.

Variety – THE special strength of the Vertiliner® system

One of the particular strengths of the Vertiliner® method is its ability to adapt flexibly to different cone types. Vertiliner GmbH & Co. KG is regarded as a specialist in customised cone shapes thanks to its practice of manual winding and its expertise in making cones by hand. A specific shape of cone can thus be produced for every construction project in our workshop, which creates the entire liner in a single piece together with the cone.

Benefit from the adaptability to your needs
Vertiliner® is ideal for handling tailor-made orders and customised dimensions. This means, of course, that modifications to match standard cone dimensions in different countries are no problem either. The Vertiliner® system can thus be used for a wide variety of purposes all around the world.

The perfect range of complementary products

A range of products is available to complement the Vertiliner® system, which essentially only refers to the manhole or tube liner itself, including various GRP items (box drains, infeed liners, etc.), odour barriers, ladders and more.

Overview of Vertiliner® add-ons

  • GRP panels
  • GRP Vertilino (GFK box drains)
    Box drain liner with integrated base
  • GRP infeed liners
    Additional connector from manhole boundary to main sewer
    – Connector rehabilitation
  • GRP moulded parts for raised gullies

Product Overview

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